Turbo Nozzles

The spray nozzle for the right job. Choose from our variety of available spray tips to meet any cleaning need. From Quick Disconnect Nozzles with color coded ends to threaded nozzles for car wash use. We have spray tips in a wide variety of orifice sizes and spray angles to meet the pressure and flow of your pressure pump. Download our Nozzle Rating chart to determine the correct size for you and your customer. Other nozzles include: Turbo nozzles with 30% more surface impact for use on removal heavy mud or sludge or digging holes for hydro excavating. Also try the pipe cleaning nozzles for ice removal or cleaning of under ground drain tiles or pipes up to 12 inch diameter.

PA-24-22040B-40 TURBO LASER, #4.0, 3600 PSI
PA-24-22040B-40C USE PA-24-22040B-40
PA-24-22040B-40P USE PA-24-22040B-40C
PA-24-22040B-45 TURBO LASER, #4.5, 3600 PSI
PA-24-22040B-50 TURBO LASER, #5.0, 3600 PSI
PA-24-22040B-55 TURBO LASER, #5.5, 3600 PSI
PA-24-22060A-12.0 TURBO LASER, 6000 PSI, #12.0
PA-24-22060A-20 TURBO LASER, 6000 PSI #2.0
PA-24-22060A-20.0 TURBO LASER, 6000 PSI, #20.0
PA-24-22060A-30 TURBO LASER, 6000 PSI #3.0
PA-24-22060A-40 TURBO LASER, 6000 PSI #4.0
PA-24-22060A-45 TURBO LASER, 6000 PSI #4.5
PA-24-22060A-50 TURBO LASER, 6000 PSI #5.0
PA-24-22060A-55 TURBO LASER, 6000 PSI #5.5
PA-24-22060A-70 TURBO LASER, 6000 PSI #7.0
PA-24-22060A-80 TURBO LASER, 6000 PSI #8.0
PP-963035C USE PP-963037C 4000 PSI #3.5 (AI) CS
PP-963037C TURBO NOZZLE, 4000 PSI #3.5 W/ PLUG CS
PP-963040C USE PP-963041C
PP-963041C NLA TURBO NOZZLE,4000 PSI#4.0 W/ PLUG *
PP-963042C NLA 2021 TURBO NOZ 4KPSI #4 (AI) CS
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Product Specifications