NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Plugs for Motorcycles, ATV's, Lawn and Garden, Snowmobiles, Racing and Much More...

Specified by more motorcycle manufacturers, including Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki & Yamaha, than any other spark plug company

  • - Easier Starting
  • - Less fouling
  • - Reduced emissions
  • - Corrosion resistant
  • - Long life

From the copper core to the centre electrode, NGK plugs are manufactured to perform on a variety of conditions.

"Let's Race"
For many years, NGK Spark Plugs have been firing racing engines on every continent. NGK has become an icon in spark plug technology.

"We realize race teams push their vehicles to the limits of endurance. With this in mind, we design every NGK Spark Plug to withstand severe mechanical and thermal shock associated with these high -revving, high compression race engines. As a result of our superior quality, you'll have confidence knowing you have the world leader in spark plug technology solidly behind you."

04-B2LM USE 04-BR2LM 1147Standard Spark Plug10
04-B4LM USE 04-BR4LM NGK PLUG 3410 (10) * (AI) 3410Standard Spark Plug10
04-B6HS USE 04-BR6HS NGK SPARK PLUG 7534 (4)* 4610 10 /7534 4Standard Spark Plug4 / 10
04-B6L NGK SPARK PLUG 3212 (10)* 3212Standard Spark Plug10
04-B6S USE 04-BR6S SPARK PLUG 3510 (10) * (AI) 3510Standard Spark Plug10
04-BCPR5ES NGK SPARK PLUG 6130 (4) (AI) * 6130Standard Spark Plug4
04-BKR4E-11 NGK SPARK PLUG 5424 (4) 5424V-Power Spark Plug4
04-BKR5E NGK SPARK PLUG 7938 (4)* 7938V-Power Spark Plug4
04-BKR5E-11 NGK SPARK PLUG 6953 (4)* 3545V-Power Spark Plug4
04-BKR5ES-11 NGK SPARK PLUG 2382 (4) 2382V-Power Spark Plug4
04-BKR5EY NGK SPARK PLUG 7390 (4) 7390V-Power Spark Plug4 / 10
04-BKR6E NGK SPARK PLUG 6962 (4) 6962V-Power Spark Plug4
04-BM6A USE 04-BMR6A NGK PLUG 5921 (10) * 5921Standard Spark Plug10
04-BM6F NGK SPARK PLUG 6221 (10) * 6221Standard Spark Plug10
04-BMR4A NGK SPARK PLUG 5728 (10)* 5728Standard Spark Plug10
04-BMR6A NGK SPARK PLUG 7421 (10) (AI) * 7421Standard Spark Plug10
04-BMR7A USE-04-BMR7A-SOLID SPARK PLUG 4226 4226Standard Spark Plug10
04-BPM6A USE 04-BPMR6A-SOLID PLUG 7021 (10)*(AI) 7021Standard Spark Plug10
04-BPM6F NGK SPARK PLUG 5950 (10)* 5950Standard Spark Plug10
04-BPM6Y USE BPMR6A-SOLID NGK PLUG 4562 (10) * 4562V-Power Spark Plug10
04-BPM7A USE BPMR7A-SOLID PLUG 7321 (10) * (AI) 7321Standard Spark Plug10
04-BPMR4A USE 04-BPMR4A-SOLID PLUG 6028 (10) * 6028Standard Spark Plug10
04-BPMR6A USE BPMR6A-SOLID NGK PLUG 6726 (10)* 6726Standard Spark Plug10
04-BPMR6F USE BPMR6F-SOLID NGK SPARK PLUG 1270 (4) 1270Standard Spark Plug10
04-BPMR7A USE 04-BPMR7A-SOLID NGK PLUG 4626 (10) 4626Standard Spark Plug10
04-BPMR8Y NGK SPARK PLUG 2218 (10) * 2218V-Power Spark Plug10
04-BPR2ES USE 04-BPR2ES-SOLID NGK PLUG 2264 (4) * 2264Standard Spark Plug10
04-BPR4ES NGK SPARK PLUG (AI) * 7222Standard Spark Plug4
04-BPR4HS NGK SPARK PLUG 7823 (10) * 7823Standard Spark Plug10
04-BPR5ES NGK SPARK PLUG 7734 (4) * (AI) 7734Standard Spark Plug4 / 10
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