Reel Mower

Propelled Reel Mowers
  • -Induction, heat-treated "Armour-Plate Reel" & bed knife
  • -Touch-a-matic engine clutch control
  • -Roller drive for positive traction
  • -Ball bearings all wheels and reels
  • -Diverter fins for even grass loading in catcher
  • -Belt and chain drive
  • -Penetrating bedknife to deter thatch buildup
  • -Easy spin recoil starter
  • -Complies with all federal safety standards
  • -Built-in sharpening capability
IMAGE QTY SKU DescriptionEngineDriveCuttingWidthBlade
 EA 1826.23
LU-20-5.5GT-7 MCLANE MOWER 20" 5.5GT B&S 7-BL MCLANES 20" Reel MowerBriggs & Stratton 5.5 GTRoller Drive207 Blade
Product Specifications