Log Splitters

Gripo Log Splitters are built in Canada.

Featuring two very different ways of splitting logs:

1. Hydraulic Splitter - for your traditional approach to splitting logs. With a capacity of 22-Ton, this splitter type has a cycle time of 16 seconds.

2. Inertia Splitter - the most efficient, trouble free style of splitting logs. Best suited for single operator, the inertia style log splitter will split anything you can lift on it. With two flywheels of 75 Lbs each set spinning by a Honda Engine, the 20-Ton force is set free with the lift of a lever sending a steel ram to split anything in its path. Super efficient with a cycle time of only 2 seconds to split a log. This unit sells based on performance and word of mouth.

IMAGE QTY SKU DescriptionEngineCycle Time
 EA 0.00
GP-200-205 USE GP-200-207 TABLE, LOG SPLITTER Optional Table
 EA 87.76
GP-220-206 LOG SUPPORT, PAIR Optional Log Guide
 EA 2439.00
GU-200LS INERTIA LOG SPLITTER 20 TON Inertia Type Log Splitter, horizontal off-road trailer mount.Honda GX160 5.5hp3 sec.
 EA 2118.64
GU-220LS NLA 2018 LOG SPLTR 5HP HO GC 22 TON Hydraulic Type Log Splitter, horizontal off-road trailer mount.Honda GC160 5hp16 sec.
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Product Specifications