Power Rakes

  • -The Bluebird Walk-Behind Power Rake features a Flail Blade Reel: Free-swinging flail blades efficiently remove matted thatch with centrifugal force. This design provides excellent thatch removal and reliability proven over nearly four decades in the demanding rental equipment environment.
  • -Delta Blade Reel: The 12-gauge austempered steel delta blades have a unique angled position and beveled cutting edges that cut slits in the ground for dethatching, overseeding or aerating slopes and terraces. Ideal for thinning running-stem grasses like Bermuda and St. Augustine.
  • -Spring Tines: Spring tines efficiently remove thatch from well-manicured lawns. In addition, individual Bluebird spring tines can be quickly replaced without removing the reel assembly.
  • -The Bluebird Towable D110 makes short work of large yards, commercial or institutional lawns, golf courses and playing fields.
  • -One hundred counter-rotating spring tines over a 38"" width make this towable comber extremely efficient.
  • -A lift handle engages the spring tine reel which is chain driven by a 5.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine."
IMAGE QTY SKU DescriptionEngineHPWidth
 EA 382.88
BA-107180 FLAIL REEL ASSY, PR18 (AI) Flail Blade Reel - PR18--18
 EA 501.04
BA-107181 DELTA REEL, PR18, NO BRG (AI) Delta Blade Reel - PR18--18
 EA 454.54
BA-107182 SPRING TINE REEL, NO BRG (AI) Spring Tine Reel - PR18--18
 EA 434.72
BA-107183 FLAIL REEL, PR22 (AI) Flail Blade Reel - PR22--22
 EA 563.81
BA-107184 DELTA REEL, PR22 (AI) Delta Blade Reel - PR22--22
 EA 498.75
BA-107185 SPRING TINE REEL, PR22, NO BRG Spring Tine Reel - PR22--22
 EA 798.97
BA-130835 BAGGER KIT Bagger Attachment 22--
 EA 34.96
BP-106827 CABLE, FRAME, 46.5, YWZC, PR18
 EA 4065.40
BU-ER11100 BLUEBIRD 38" TOW COMBER, 5.5HP INTEK D110 Towable Power RakeBriggs & Stratton Intek5.538
 EA 2130.63
BU-PR18B5FA BLUEBIRD COMBER, 18" 5.5HP BS, FLAIL PR18 Walk-Behind 18"Power RakeBriggs & Stratton Intek5.518
 EA 2191.67
BU-PR18H5FA-KIT BLUEBIRD COMB KIT, 18" 5.5HP HON FLAIL ( PR18 Walk-Behind 18"Power RakeHonda GX1605.518
 EA 2408.75
BU-PR22B5FA BLUEBIRD COMB 22" 5.5HP BS FLAIL PR22 Walk-Behind 22"Power RakeBriggs & Stratton Intek5.522
 EA 2394.58
BU-PR22H6FA-KIT BLUEBIRD 22" RAKE 6.5HP HON FLAIL REEL PR22 Walk-Behind 22"Power RakeHonda GX2006.522
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