• The Bluebird Walk-Behind Aerators offer the highest productivity without damaging the turf. Removable weight bars allow for Improved ground penetration.
  • Lifting handles make transport a breeze.
    Free wheeling tines (on models 530 and 742) allow for tight turns without tearing the turf. Consistent control of aeration with a maximum depth of three inches.
  • Bluebird aerators give you precise, consistent control of coring. With a depth of up to 3", you'll reach even deep set roots for maximum benefit. Free-wheeling outer tines, available on the 530 and 742 models, allow users to continue aerating while turning tight corners with minimal turf damage.
  • The Bluebird Towable Aerator is ideal for commercial areas and large residences. Two independent tine rotors with interchangeable closed spoon 1/2" tines provide superior maneuverability around corners and tight areas. A rugged design offers you years of low maintenance productivity.
  • Tip Wheels: Tip wheels allow the towable aerator to easily pass through narrow openings. Optional Weight Containers: Five optional weight containers (5 gallon capacity each) ensure optimal soil penetration.
BA-109297 WEIGHT CNTR, SET OF 6 X 6.5GAL *AI* 6 Weight Containers - 48--
BA-577123565 SINGLE 125V, 2.5AH, LI-ION BATTERY Single 125v, 2.5Ah, Li-Ion Battery
BA-577123579 CHARGER FOR SINGLE 125V LI-ION BATTERY * Charger for Single 125V Li-Ion 2.5Ah Battery *
BA-7510 WEIGHT CNTR, SET OF 5 X6.5GAL * (AI) 5 Weight Containers - 36--
BU-A424E 17.5" AERATOR, FLAIL REEL125V LI-ION (AI A424E Walk-Behind 17.5"Aerator125v 2.5Ah Li-on Battery417.5"3
BU-A530E 19" AERATOR, FLAIL REEL, 125V LI-ION(AI) A530E Walk-Behind 19" Aerator125v 2.5Ah Battery419"3"
BU-H424 BLUE BIRD 17.5" AERATOR 4HP HONDA 424 Walk-Behind 17.5" AeratorHonda GX120 6:1 Reduction417.532 / 36lb Removable
BU-H530-KIT 19" AERATOR 4 HP HONDA KIT *AI* 530 Walk-Behind 19" AeratorHonda GX120 6:1 Reduction41932 / 36lb Removable
BU-H742 BLUEBIRD AERATOR, 4HP HONDA, 25.5" 742 Walk-Behind25.5"AeratorHonda GX120 6:1 Reduction425.532 / 36lb Removable
BU-TA10 BB TOW AERATOR, 36" TA10 Towable 36" AeratorRequires 16HP + Towing Tractor363200 lbs (5 / 5 Gallon Containers)
BU-TA12 BB TOW AERATOR, 48" TA12 Towable 48" AeratorRequires 18HP + Towing Tractor483288 lbs (6 / 5 Gallon Containers)
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Product Specifications